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Joovy Caboose: The Perfect Double Stroller

Finally, a stroller company realized that double strollers aren’t only for people with twins.  The Joovy Caboose is the perfect stroller for the typical family with kids a couple of years apart.  The old stand-by Grace DuoGlider was not designed for bigger kids, those over 18 months.  In order to get a toddler into the seats, you should remove the tray and aim squirmy little legs into the small leg holes, which I can never do on the first try, then replace the tray before leaving the food court. 

The Joovy Caboose design is awesome because instead of a second seat that you have to wrestle a big kid into, it has a platform on the back which toddlers can get on and off easily by themselves.  I have even recommended this stroller to moms with a new baby.  The front seat is compatible with all the popular and safest infant car seat carriers including the Britax Chaperone, Britax Companion and the Chicco Key Fit 30. The rear platform is great for holding bags, which means you don’t have to hang them from the stroller handles and risk tipping the whole stroller over. 

 When baby number two comes along, you don’t have the expense of buying a stroller all over again and hope that you can get some of your investment in a single stroller back through a garage sale or eBay.

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