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Chris Oyakhilome Is Spreading His Ministries To The TV

Chris Oyakhilome has been involved in ministry for over 30 years, and he is always coming up with new ways to reach the lost and broken. He wants to help everyone to see Christ in him, and he helped form Christ Embassy to make that happen. He has been serving all over the world during his time in ministry, and the messages that he delivers are those of hope. People have come to love and respect Pastor Chris Oyakhilome because he cares so much for them and is always telling them how much God loves them.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has written devotionals that have become best sellers, he has worked with different ministries, and he has become a well known figure on TV. He is going all around and doing whatever he can to share his faith with others, and people respect him for all of the traveling that he does to share the good news. He is never staying in one place, but he is going all over to share the good news and to make an impact on the world. He does that through all of the ministries that he works on and the books that he writes, too, and that is why he has become so well known.

The most recent project that he has started working on is Loveworld USA. This is a new TV channel that he has started alongside another pastor, Pastor Benny Hinn, to share the power of God. The channel will be available in the United States and abroad via cable and the internet, and it is something that he feels a deep passion for. Both pastors believe that starting this channel is the right thing to do to reach as many people as possible and to show them how amazing God is.

The channel will have special prayer shows, music, and more. The channel will be something that people can go to to find out more about the faith that Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn have. It is a channel that people can put on when they want to feel more at peace, as the music and the talking on it will give them a good perspective. It is the hope of the two pastors that are starting this channel that it will reach many and touch the hearts of many. They want it to further their ministries and to make the world a better place.

The Loveworld USA channel will feature some special programs put on by the pastors, too, and it is something that anyone who loves these pastors will want to get into watching on a regular basis. Christ Embassy was started by Chris Oyakhilome as a ministry to reach the lost, and it has done a lot of good work. Now his TV channel is out there to do the same.

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